You name the place and time and Glamo will get you styled

Glamo is changing the way you schedule and receive personal care services. We are all about your convenience , safety and time management.
Glamo knows that your personal care needs are just that – personal.

With services managed through Glamo you reclaim control over your time dedicated to the other productive aspects of your life.

Our Mission

GLAMO’s mission is to Empower stylists and clientele through safe, cost-effective convenience for the busy lifestyle where personal care fits into the busy schedule and time management is a breeze.

Styles and safety

GLAMO will complement your lifestyle by providing a secure and easy to use mobile app that will connect clients with personal care and beauty professionals who recognize the value of your time and diverse styling needs.

Our stylists all pass an initial background check and are continuously vetted and rated for the quality and integrity of their services.

Style with us

GLAMO knows how difficult it can be to balance being an independent stylist and the overhead costs associated with establishing a location for service delivery.

Our mobile app and clientele supports your efforts to be truly independent in a secure and cost effective way.